Voice Your Concern: Canada's Railway Blockades

The Chamber urges the business community to voice concern regarding blockades occurring across Canada to local Members of Parliament. MP's must work with Canadian provinces and law enforcement agencies to bring an end to the ongoing disruptions of public services and particularly to restore all rail services immediately. In addition to preventing access to public transportation for tens of thousands of individual Canadians, these disruptions severely limit the movement of perishable foods and other consumer items, grain, construction materials and propane for Quebec and Atlantic Canada. We are deeply concerned about the damage to the Canadian economy, the unfair denial of access to transportation services for Canadian citizens, and the undermining of the rule of law.

It is the Chamber’s role to foster an economic climate that enhances growth, prosperity and an improved quality of life in the community. Our members represent small, medium and large businesses and organizations from across the region.

We encourage you to write your local Member of Parliament via the link found below. 

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